mercredi 18 septembre 2013

IR Test... Passed

Friday 6th Spetember I did my last flight with CTC in a light aircraft during my IR test which took me from Bournemouth to Cardiff and back.
I flew the procedural ILS in Cardiff and I got radar vectored for the asymmetric NDB approach back in Bournemouth. The flight went really well, ATC were really nice with me, thanks to my magic call sign Exam 09... so I don't have much to write about! I'm just relieved, happy and also a bit proud of myself.

The last weeks have been really hard in term of pressure. It's hard to know the truth about all of this but it seems that a first serie, first time pass is very important for your airline placement, so I was really stressed to get even a partial, but fortunately I managed to get it done at the first attempt!
I can now relax a bit during 10 more days before my AQC starts. I don't know yet if I'm going to do it on B737 or A320, but it's going to be fantastic and a hell of work in both ways! 
Because it's more likely that I'll get a job with EasyJet, I'd rather to do it on airbus to prepare myself for the type rating but who knows!?

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Congratulations !

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